We Got Adam Rippon to Guess Celebrity Quotes and Made Him Drink When He Was Wrong

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Adam Rippon earned himself a slew of super fans during his very memorable time at the PyeongChang Olympics last month, not only for his bronze medal-worthy performance on the ice, but perhaps even more so for his outspoken support for LGBTQ folks, hysterically charming interviews, and an exceedingly witty social media presence. In fact, quite a few celebrities were quick to fall under the spell of America's Sweetheart, too, from Reese Witherspoon, to Britney Spears, and even Cher -- all of whom voiced their admiration for the openly gay figure skater on Twitter.

But just how well does he know his new fans?

To find out we put him to the test during a recent visit to Thrillist and played a game called "Who Said It?" in which we gave him a series of quotes, and asked him to guess which star fan of his actually said it: Britney Spears, Reese Witherspoon, or Cher. And yes, there were stakes involved. If he got it wrong, he had to take a shot of truly disgusting apple-flavored vodka. If he got it right our host, senior staff writer Joe McGauley, had to take the shot, something he probably regrets agreeing to after the fact, seeing as Rippon was actually quite good at this particular game.

"I'm going to black out," Rippon says after his first failed guess (and subsequent shot). However, he didn't let the lukewarm liquor distract him from the task at hand, and persevered through the rest of the quotes.

Check out the full video above to see how it all plays out, and watch to the end to see what very special gift from the folks at Say It With a Condom Rippon walks away with.

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