This Nerf Gun Gets an Incredible Modification From Adam Savage

If you're doing a secret Santa gift exchange, you could do a lot worse than having former MythBusters host Adam Savage draw your name. It's actually the best you can do. This scenario became reality for one man who received a modified, totally custom Nerf sniper rifle from Savage. It's so beautiful that people wept openly in the streets (maybe), rend garments (probably not), and made charitable donations (that one is true). 

Imgur user Anthony Johnson signed up for the site's secret Santa gift exchange (he actually started as a backup before getting in) and wound up with this amazing toy. Thankfully for everyone else, Savage made a 30-minute video of the build.

In the video, Savage does one of his One Day Builds to turn a Nerf Longstrike Blaster into something that would get you tackled at airport security. In the Tested video above, he'll show you how to keep track of screws in a project with too many screws (what? it's not sexy, but it's useful), and how to add modifications like a scope, bipod, some thing-y that just looks cool, and a sling. 

He also shows how to upgrade the spring to make the toy monstrously more dangerous fun. The Nerf toy definitely has a real feel to it, so if you're going to try this modification, be sure to watch to the end and note that you have to add an orange tip to the end of the toy. 

Johnson, naturally, shared photos of his unboxing on Imgur and told a story about why this meant so much to him this year. In fact, he was so touched and happy about his present that he told Savage he'd make a $100 donation to a charity of his choice. Savage chose Standing Rock and made a donation himself as well. 

The feel-goods didn't stop there. Johnson's fellow Imgurians were so touched by the whole situation that they started making donations too. This secret Santa gift raised over $2,500 and showed us all the magic of a little rub 'n buff. 

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