Adele's Word for Vagina is "Pizza," But She Has an Explanation

The calculus behind what makes Adele appearing on "The Ellen Show" great is quite simple: People love Adele. People love Ellen. Combine the two, as their Jamba Juice prank proved, and the viewer is in for an effervescent interview with a smattering of hijinks.

To build on that effortless alchemy, Ellen subjected the British songstress to a game of 5 Seconds. The premise is simple: each participant is given a prompt and allotted five seconds to give three replies. Among the more humorous bits: both women are asked which curse words they use when they're angry. And they cuss like sailors.

But the most intriguing bit, and why you've clicked into this article, stems from Adele's response to, "Name three names for your lady parts."

"Mini-moo, vajayjay, and a pizza," Adele said. She goes on to explain, after a raucous belt of audience laughter, "'Mini-moo' is when you're describing it to a child. 'Vajayjay' is like, 'Heyyy.' And 'a pizza' is like when someone's nasty."

There you have it. If an explanation conflating the female anatomy with a delicious pepperoni pie came from anyone's mouth but Adele's, you'd likely turn away in horror. Instead, the woman behind "Hello" manages to make it all make sense.

But just don't expect this to catch on. Otherwise, your Friday night plans might sound way weirder to your friends.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. His favorite word for vagina is *****. What, you thought he'd write that here? Follow him @ryanrcraggs.