How Could Police Not Rescue This Adorable Sloth Stranded on a Road?

Transit cops in Quevedo, Ecuador performed one hell of an adorable rescue mission late last week, when an officer discovered a lonely sloth holding a guard rail post for dear life while stranded on the side of a road. And judging by a puddle seen around the the furry little guy, he was pretty goddam scared.

En Los Ríos colaboramos con un hermoso perezoso, que pretendía cruzar el anillo vial de Quevedo

Posted by Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador on Friday, January 22, 2016
Luckily, the officers managed to save the adorably goofy creature from the road and brought it to a vet to get checked out, according to a report by Jalopnik. They later released the shaken sloth back into the wild, where we hope he'll decide to just lay around being cute all day instead of wandering near any more dangerous, busy roadways. 

Shortly after the harrowing incident, the transit commission added the following statement in support of the sloth to its original Facebook post, roughly translated from Spanish per the report:

"Esteemed people, we are grateful to all for your concern. Be advised, the sloth bear rescued by our police was examined by a veterinarian, the same one that determined that it was in optimal conditions to be returned to its habitat. We are grateful to all those people who were interested in the health of the animal. We will continue to support these kind of cases along with the collaboration of citizens. Greetings to all."

So, the next time someone asks, "Why did the sloth cross the road?" you know it's clearly because the cops had to send out a search and rescue mission.

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