Guy Survives Plane Crash, Immediately Heads to Bar for 'Big, Big, Big Shot of Tequila'

A plane crash is one of those situations you tell yourself you'd handle well, but you never know for sure until you're holding the hand of the stranger next to you. Over 100 people in Mexico found out their answer to that terrifying question this week, but one man's response has stuck out as particularly compelling: drink a lot of expensive tequila.

He was one of 103 survivors of an Aeroméxico flight from Durango to Mexico City that crashed on Tuesday. The plane was hit by a gust of wind not long after takeoff that led to a sudden drop, its left wing hitting the ground, and two engines breaking off.

The plane caught fire, but most passengers were able to walk away by the time that happened, which is a testament to how lucky everyone aboard was. According to the BBC, 97 of the passengers are injured. The plane's pilot sustained a spinal injury -- though he's in stable condition -- and a young girl sustained burns, but most of those in the crash sustained "very light" injuries. 

Which is how we get to this legendary man, Alberto Herrera of the Chicago area. He was interviewed by CBS News about his experience of the crash (watch the clip above), and more importantly what he did after: "First thing I did was drink a big, big, big shot of tequila. I'm not gonna lie. I went to the bartender and I said, 'Give me the best tequila you got because I just fell from the sky and I'm here to live and talk about it.'"

So there you have it: top-shelf booze, and a lot of it.

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