Bookshelf Wealth Is Taking Over TikTok and It's Coming for Your Vacation

The latest loud luxury trend is now becoming a noteworthy feature of our travel experiences.

Traditional markers of wealth have always been pretty obvious, even when wealth is trying to be quiet. Just look at the movie Saltburn. The movie centers on a big estate, the characters have a lack of urgency because no one has a job, and the palatial home features plenty of intricate art and textured fabrics accumulated by someone who's never had to budget for expenses like an electric bill. But if you look around, there are even more markers of someone who is very moneyed up.

One of those less obvious signs of inherited wealth, according to TikTok is the elaborate in-home library. This trend can even be seen in Saltburn, where Oliver Quick further weasels his way into the family by becoming familiar with some of the various precious relics decorating the estate's library. Bookshelf wealth has been so clearly heralded as a trend that even Architectural Digest has done a deep dive into its overnight popularity.

One of the top videos on the subject has amassed over one million views, and gets into the very particulars of the aesthetic and how to achieve it on your own. But if you don't have a ton of disposable income to dedicate towards turning your love of books into a status flex, there are still plenty of ways to experience what is a truly delightful experience: sitting in a well-decorated room surrounded by book-lined walls, perhaps with a roaring fireplace or mountain view in front of you.

The first tip I have doesn't involve venturing very far or spending lots of money, but perhaps won't capture the whole "luxury" experience of the bookshelf wealth aesthetic. That's because my first suggestion is to simply visit a local library, where you are sure to find walls and walls of books to read, and the chance to borrow some of them for free.

The second tip is a bit more immersive—you may not be able to afford your own home decked out with walls and walls of class-signaling literature and decor, but you probably can afford to rent out such a space for a weekend.

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Photo courtesy of Michelle Sanches

Airbnb has collected a selection of listings that very much feature the bookshelf wealth trend. Think a spacious loft in Brazil, a canyon home in LA, or a historic estate in Texas. Whether you want to travel far (all the way to Poland) or much nearer (maybe a trip to New York State), the below options will sate your desire to be wrapped in a room as well read as it is well decorated.

Below are some of the great bookshelf-centric homes you can find on the vacation booking platform:

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