These Are the Top-Trending Travel Destinations This Fall, According to Airbnb

trending vacation destinations
Tourists walking in Beatenberg, Switzerland. |
Tourists walking in Beatenberg, Switzerland. |

It's a great time to buy a plane ticket to pretty much anywhere. We've seen big sales on flights to Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, and Scandinavia over the last couple of weeks, and those are by no means the only ones. Cheap flights have been popping up with more frequency than marshmallows in a midwestern salad. With so many options, it's a good time to look into a new and exciting destination.

Fortunately, if you're looking for ideas, Airbnb has released its list of the top trending destinations for fall 2019. The list is a good spot to start looking for unexpected destinations around the US and abroad. The 10 cities below are there based on their percentage growth in bookings versus the same period last year through the home-sharing network. It's a surprising mix, including locations in Canada, Mexico, and the US, as well as Asia and Europe. 

1. Regina, Canada (up 328%) 
2. Beatenberg, Switzerland (312%)
3. Beppu, Japan (288%)
4, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico (279%) 
5. Culebra, Puerto Rico (250%) 
6. Tepoztlán, Mexico (250%)
7. Halle, Germany (248%)
8. Anderson, South Carolina (247%)
9. Pinehurst, North Carolina (243%) 
10. Obertraun, Austria (232%)

There are a variety of reasons for each city's growth. At least two cities are tied to events, with Beppu and Ōita (+237%) in Japan hosting the Rugby World Cup this fall. And Halle, Germany is not a bad spot to be if you're looking to celebrate Oktoberfest in the fall. Additionally, Airbnb credits Regina's huge rise with it being a beautiful spot to spend time in the fall as the leaves change colors. 

Just like the Airbnb's list of trending summer destinations, Puerto Rico makes an appearance as well. As noted at that time, the big increases for Puerto Rico may have something to do with the flow of tourism in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Maria, as well as the slow and insufficient response to aid Puerto Rico by the Trump administration.

So, go skiing or watch the leaves change, hit Oktoberfest or, I don't know, go somewhere you've never heard of because you won that dream job where you get $30,000 to take some random trip. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.