Airbnb Is Cracking Down on Parties With New Rules


Airbnb has come a long way. The first time I booked an overnight stay in somebody else's home, I was tickled pink to hear that the owner's Brita water was mine for the taking. But the culture has largely shifted in present-day. People throw full-blown parties in their Airbnb rentals with and without permission, advertising the event to the public with the carelessness of suburban schoolboy left home without parents until midnight. 

Unfortunately, although the majority of these parties ensue with minimal damage to the home, an Airbnb party recently made headlines when five attendees were killed at a house east of Berkeley, California. Now the company is trying to change its culture once again -- this time with force -- by banning "open invite" and large apartment parties. "Open invite" means any invite that is public (e.g. posted on social media), and the "large apartment" party ban will target anyone throwing a rager in an apartment building or condo.

Here's what it'll look like: In early 2020, guests will be warned that if they are being excessively noisy, hosting unauthorized guests, parking in the wrong spots, smoking, or being too messy. Both the host and the neighbors can report. Then you'll get a warning. Any further violations will result in suspension. 

The company clarified in a news release the new policy "does not impact parties that are authorized by hosts and convened respectfully by guests." Instead, the policy is intended to target "the small number of guests who act irresponsibly and those rare hosts whose homes become persistent neighborhood nuisances.”

Long story short, be a dear and authorize your guests, respect your neighbors, and refill the Brita. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.