A Vacation Rental with This Many Rules Is No Longer a Vacation

There are practical guidelines and then there is this.

The vacation rental economy is a tough one. What started out as a way to share an extra room for a bit of extra cash exists as entirely something else now. People have turned vacation rentals into their full-time jobs, investing in properties with the sole purpose of converting them into short-term rentals. This has created this space between private property and hotels where rules can be ambiguous. That ambiguity can lead to all sorts of mishaps and weird happenings, including property owners who are very afraid of the guests they are renting too.

That was the case with Becky Levin Navarro's recent experience at a vacation rental where rules were posted literally everywhere. "Y'all I don't get it," Navarro captioned a video that has been viewed nearly 4 million times on TikTok. "We stayed at an airbnb / vrbo house with another family over the weekend. The rules displayed all over the house just killed me. It seemed like every room and every surface had a note. It almost felt like it wasn't a vacation with So. Many. Rules."

Navarro isn't exaggerating. The video is over one minute long and displays a seemingly endless number of labeled rules posted to the microwave, countertops, furniture, everything. The space looked like a micromanager's personal fantasy.

"Sounds like they shouldn't be renting out their house," one commenter noted. I agree. If you've got such delicate furniture, surfaces, and appliances, why are you letting strangers in that space? You're bound to be disappointed and your guests will feel more like they're at military school than they feel like they're on vacation. It's a lose-lose for everyone involved.

"This is what I imagine staying at Schrute Farms would be like," someone else, obviously a fan of The Office, noted.

Some shelves in the kitchen had labels like "These shelves are for owners use only" and a potted cactus has a rather self-evident sign instructing guests to not touch the plant. It goes beyond excessive. Even the doors had labelmaker rules applied to them. There'd likely be fewer rules if you spent the night at the White House. 

"My vacation is over before I finish reading all the rules," one person concluded.

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