Airbnb Revealed Its Most Popular Listings and Cities

Most popular Airbnb rentals
A popular listing in Amsterdam. | Airbnb
A popular listing in Amsterdam. | Airbnb

While scandalous, gimmicky, and niche listings on Airbnb often get the attention, there's an allure to seeing the standard listings and gawking at the beautiful homes you could pretend are yours for a night or two. In a large data release, the home-sharing company has revealed some of its most popular listings, most visited cities, and the cities that are trending upward in popularity. 

The trending cities, based on growth over this time last year, are led by Havana, Cuba, which undoubtedly benefited from the changing relationship between Cuba and the United States. Havana is followed by La Ciotat, France (up 675%); Salou, Spain (463%); Tainan, Taiwan (424%); Levanto, Italy (313%); Hanoi, Vietnam (261%); Scarborough, England (258%); Prince Edward, Canada (243%); Destin, Florida (232%); and Rosarito, Mexico (231%).

most popular airbnb rentals
A popular listing in London. | Airbnb

More importantly, Airbnb has revealed the world's most popular destinations, which are unsurprisingly some of the world's largest cities. Additionally, Airbnb has shared each of those cities most wish-listed property, giving a glimpse at some of the world's most popular rentals (and maybe some places you need to drop into your own wishlist).

At the top of the list sits London and this airy home near the Thames. Next on the list is Paris, where this loft is quite popular. Those two cities are followed by Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Madrid, Osaka, Lisbon, Prague, and Amsterdam (the associated home is at each of those links).

The vacation homes on the list are gorgeous. Is it time for summer vacation yet?

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