This Beautiful Treehouse Is the Most Popular Listing on Airbnb

As Airbnb likes to claim, it opens living rooms across the world open to anyone an internet connection and a credit card. The company boasts 3,000,000 listings worldwide, with an array of castles, mansions and even a Ninja Turtles lair available for only $10 a night in New York City. But if there’s one Airbnb property to rule them all, it’s definitely the most popular one on the site: an intricate tree house nestled within a heavily wooded backyard in the Atlanta suburbs.

Owner Peter Bahouth started building the property 18 years ago, and tells The Today Show that Airbnb has elevated the listing into pretty viral territory: the treehouse gets around 300,000 web visits a month and has been saved to the Airbnb “wish lists” of over 147,052 people. Amazingly, Bahouth’s wooden labyrinth has beaten out all of the of incredible listings on Airbnb, including a glut of literal private islands. Given its web presence, the Atlanta treehouse can now proudly claim the title of most popular listing on the platform, per the report. When you think about it, the treehouse might even be more alluring than a pristine island littered with adorable puppies

The house, alternatively called the Secluded Intown Treehouse, isn’t really a singular dwelling, but more of a network of rope bridges and rooms. It consists of three separate rooms, all of which have their own themes and respective ambiances. Bahouth told that people do often return from the treehouse feeling great: “I didn’t really know how I would feel about having people stay out here... But I began to realize that people were having these amazing, great experiences and it was meaningful (to them), and it therefore became meaningful for me.”

Bahouth, an environmental activist and former executive director of Greenpeace, offers a private tour for every renter, so you can acclimate yourself to the listing's wild and ornate aesthetics. Unsurprisingly, the Airbnb hosts a maximum of two guests and costs $375 a night. It’s booked solid until May 2018, though, so refer to your calendar accordingly, and maybe read up on the Swiss Family Robinson.  

For more images of the most popular Airbnb listing, see below: 

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