'Poop Ice' Drops from Airplane and Injures Unlucky Woman on Ground

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When you poop on a plane, its has to go somewhere. Isaac Newton figured that out. And sometimes it falls all the way to the earth below, hitting an unsuspecting woman on the ground who's just minding her own business. 

Rajrani Gaud, 60, of Sagar, India reportedly suffered a shoulder injury by a "football-sized" falling chunk of ice -- only, it wasn't ice so much as it was poop ice. An eye-witness told The Times of India, "I was only 25 feet away from the spot where the monster came crashing down. Children and villagers witnessed the fall and then heard screams. We ran towards Rajrani's house and referred her to hospital. The ice ball hit the roof first. Otherwise, it would have smashed her skull."

That's terrifying no doubt, but what makes this story even more ridiculous is that aviation scientists say the ice chunk could be what's called, "blue ice," which is ice formed when liquid excrement from an airplane's toilet freezes because of low temperatures at high elevations. Although it's extremely rare for "blue ice" to get all the way to the ground in a hard enough state to actually injure anyone, it's clearly not impossible.

Lucky for unlucky Gaud, if this is officially determined to be "blue ice" or "poop ice," she could be compensated. See, even when you're down in the dumps, there's always a something positive to take from it. Namely, money.

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Kara King is a News Writer at Thrillist and has been pooped on by a seagull before. Send news tips to and follow her unlucky tweets at @karatillie.