Bookmark This Map to Get Free Airport Wi-Fi Anywhere in the World

Next to air, water and your boarding pass, a decent Wi-Fi signal is the most essential thing you need while waiting to board a flight. Except sometimes airports might charge a small fee for access to the Internet -- or require a password -- and burning through data on your phone feels utterly wasteful.

So what should you do the next time you’re sitting in the terminal in desperate need of a connection? Pull up this handy map -- it might contain the network and password information of the very airport or lounge you’re sitting in.

Computer security engineer and travel blogger Anil Polat has been compiling the Wi-Fi information at various airports around the world and plugging the data into this handy interactive map. Polat gets the passwords for various airport and lounge Wi-Fi networks partly by crowdsourcing the endeavor, using tips from other travelers across the world. Whenever there’s a new password shared, Polat adds it to the list and shares it on his Facebook page. He makes it easy for mobile too, as the map is available for download on iOS, Android and Google Play.

So the next time you’re in sitting in an airport lounge somewhere exotic or painfully boring, remember that there's hope: refer to Polat’s map and enjoy some free Internet. 

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