These U.S. Airports Had the Most Flight Delays Last Month

If you are making travel plans involving these airports, you may want to have some backup options.

In the United States, it's hard to call any airport truly great. In fact, the airports are in such a dismal state it is something that our current Democratic and former Republican president have both issued statements to that effect. But, some airports have been struggling with flight delays. Last month, AirHelp compiled data on the airports with the highest percentage of flight disruptions in February 2023.

According to the flights the company surveyed, these five airports are where passengers were most likely to encounter some sort of flight disruption like a cancellation or delay last month.

  • Kahului Airport: 30.82% of flights disrupted
  • Reno/Tahoe International Airport: 29.15% of flights disrupted
  • Harry Reid International Airport: 28.52% of flights disrupted
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport: 28.51% of flights disrupted
  • Logan International Airport: 28.23% of flights disrupted

Dallas had another notable statistic. Both airports in the city—Dallas Love Field and Dallas/Fort Worth International— were among the top five airports with the highest percentage of flight cancellations in February 2023. Each had a little under 5% of flights canceled last month.

For spring break travelers, you'll want to evaluate which airport you are traveling in and out of— it might be the difference between having a memorable week with your friends and time spent waiting on hold to get your flight rebooked. If you are looking for other data for booking flights that aren't as likely to experience snafus, check out which time of day is the best to fly.

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