Get $129 Flights to Hawaii & $29 Flights Around the Mainland US in This Airline's Sale

cheap flights to hawaii cyber

For the most part, if you forgot to take advantage of the Cyber Monday flight deals, you're out of luck. However, there's a little time before the clock runs out on an alluring sale from Alaska Airlines.

The three-day Cyber Week sale runs through midnight on December 4, serving up flights around the US (with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska) for as little as $29 one way. As is usually the case with fare sales with a sticker price that low, those dirt cheap flights are over short distances. However, there are also good deals on flights across the country. You can go coast-to-coast for $89 or take a flight to Hawaii for as little as $129 one way.

There are blackout dates, but sale fares are for any travel taken from January 7 to March 11, 2020.

Here's a little sampler platter of fares you'll find in the sale.

  • Anchorage to Seattle: $99
  • Los Angeles to Boston: $89
  • Los Angeles to New York: $99
  • Los Angeles to San Jose: $29
  • Portland to Seattle: $39
  • San Diego to Maui: $129
  • San Diego to Newark: $89
  • San Francisco to Honolulu: $129
  • San Francisco to New York: $99
  • San Francisco to San Diego: $49
  • Seattle to New York: $114
  • Seattle to San Diego: $59

cheap flights hawaii

Additionally, Air New Zealand has extended its Cyber Monday sale through midnight on Wednesday as well. In that sale, you'll find discounted rates to its destinations across cabins. With Economy tickets, you can get from Los Angeles to London for $399, Los Angeles to the Cook Islands for $599, the mainland US to New Zealand for $779, and from the US to Australia for $788. 

Those prices aren't quite as jaw-dropping as the Alaska Airlines deals, but they're solid prices to expensive destinations. It's a pretty good time to treat yourself to a trip before prices jump up again. 

cheap flights hawaii

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