The Alaska Railroad Is Turning 100 with an Over-the-Top Centennial Package

The tour includes 12 days and 12 nights offering an up-close look at Alaska's dreamiest features.

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Everybody loves a destination birthday—including the Alaska Railroad. To celebrate its 100th birthday, the iconic railroad is offering a limited-edition "Centennial Special" to help travelers get an up-close look at dreamy Alaskan lands.

Forget about weekend getaways—this one is a full trip. Stretching over 12 days and 12 nights, the package is available from late May until early September, and it is packed with visits to Alaska's most iconic landmarks and train routes.

Among the many highlights, guests will get the chance to ride iconic trains for the full length of the Alaska Railroad's historic main line. Once aboard the Coastal Classic, Glacier Discovery, and Denali Star Trains, passengers will be treated to scenic views of Alaska and gorgeous rides from one stop to the next.

Activities included in the travel package are just as notable. Guests will get the chance to learn about the Alaska Railroad's history at the Anchorage Museum's special exhibit, and they'll be able to experience Alaska first-hand by visiting multiple natural landmarks, including Exit Glacier, and by hopping on a Kenai Fjords National Park cruise.

Adrenaline enthusiasts will be rewarded, too. Those looking for more adventurous activities will be able to go on a guided glacier trek or helicopter tour in Anchorage, and upon arriving in Denali, they'll be able to go on an Alaska Range flightseeing tour to see the city by air. A guided Jeep tour, instead, will allow travelers to discover Denali on the ground.

Tour prices, which are inclusive of train tickets, accommodations, and activities according to the schedule, start at $5,155 for Adventure Class, which is the basic fare. For those choosing the premium GoldStar Service, instead, prices start at $6,175 per person. To get a detailed quote and for more information you can call 800.544.0552 or visit the Alaska Railroad website.

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