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Everywhere You Can Get Cheap Alcohol Delivery Right Now

Updated On 03/31/2020 at 11:31PM EST Updated On 03/31/2020 at 11:31PM EST
alcohol delivery
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Times are rough out here, especially for the small breweries of the quarantined world. That’s why we’re calling for your support. This week alone 100,000,000 less beers were poured out of taps around the state*. Brewery employees fear losing their jobs everyday, if they haven’t lost them already. Fuck Covid-19. Use the internet today and order some beer to-go from your favorite breweries. Support your community by shopping local and supporting local beer. By supporting your local breweries you’re supporting jobs, families, and small businesses - the trifecta of the American backbone. Head to the internet spot in the video to find a brewery to support near you. Oh also: we will be offering LOCAL DELIVERY BEGINNING ON FRIDAY, MARCH 27TH. Stay tuned to wherever you get your Modist Brewing news for us to introduce you to our army of post-apocalyptic moped delivery drivers. Peace, love, and for the love of people #STAYTHEFUCKHOME (except to buy beer from your local breweries and food from local restaurants). 🎶 - @baileymaym *probably Shout out to @one_mpls, @dangerousman, @inboundbrewco & @fultonbeer

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