Aldi Brings Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza to Freezer Aisles Nationwide

This is the one pizza you can eat with a fork.

These days it seems like every food-loving person is focused on the chicken sandwich wars, but once in a while it’s worth revisiting the nation’s original divisive foodstuff: pizza

No matter where you’re from, you’ve probably got a few good arguments for your hometown, home-state, or even home-region pizza pride. But still, a few types consistently share the spotlight. New York, Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis pies have particularly vocal devotees, not to mention New Haven and New Jersey’s contributions to the form. Each has its merits, of course, and some can be a little hard to come by unless you’re in their ancestral home. But the Second City variety is about to become a little easier to enjoy, according to Delish.

Courtesy of Aldi

Starting around January 20, Aldi will start carrying Mama Cozzi’s Chicago recipe deep dish cheese pizzas in its freezer aisles across the country. Weighing in at a little over a pound, golden crust is topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella to—and we mean this in the best way possible—casserole effect. While a classic New York slice can sometimes be a snack, one portion of this baby can make a meal. 

Each pizza includes five servings and they’ll retail for around $5. 

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