Monster Alligator Strolls Onto Golf Course, Acts Like Everything Is Fine

Golf is a gentlemanly sport enjoyed by your dad and people who annoyingly say "Dilly Dilly." Depending on where you're teeing off, it also presents an opportunity to cross paths with huge ass swamp beasts. Take for example this behemoth, spotted on a course in Florida, or this scaly creature from the Louisiana bayou, which was used to reveal a new born baby's gender. 

For a third example of how golf is inextricably linked to dinosauric hell-monsters who don't want to mess with, feast your eyes on this mean-ass alligator, spotted earlier this week on a course in South Carolina. Local reports say this damn wrecking ball of an animal wandered onto the Ocean Creek Golf Course at Fripp Island. A herd of deer looked on in the distance, likely too paralyzed by fear to move. 

The video, posted to Facebook by Eat Sleep Play Beaufort, shows the gator waddle on by, taking a casual stroll, as if to suggest everything is fine. The video's caption suggests the creature was about 12 feet long, which is long enough to give anyone a reason to run, regardless of whether you're a deer or human. 

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