Alton Brown Confirms 'Good Eats' Is Coming Back

Alton Brown Return of Eats
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It's been five years since Alton Brown's much-beloved Good Eats went off the air. It ran from 1999 through 2012, mostly on the Food Network. And despite providing more than a decade's worth of shows, his fans are rabid and are demanding more than the 250-plus episodes already available.

Over the long weekend, Brown made dreams come true. He announced the show is coming back during a panel dubbed "Good Eats ... the Panel" at Dragon Con in Atlanta. (All of Good Eats was shot in Atlanta.) The new half-hour show will be called Return of the Eats, and it will air on the Food Network starting in 2018. During the panel, Brown joked the channel will have to "cut Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives down to seven-and-a-half hours per block."

Alton Brown

The show will air on traditional TV and be available to stream online, with additional segments filmed as online-only extras. "If you watch it online, you will see a better show," Brown said. He didn't, however, get more specific about when you can watch that better show.

Many suspected some kind of Good Eats-ish news was approaching after Brown shared a not-so-subtle teaser on Twitter back in July.


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