Alton Brown's New Show Sounds Like a 'Good Eats' Reboot

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Just weeks after dropping a major tease from inside of a microwave, it looks like Alton Brown is officially bringing the joy of his beloved show, Good Eats, back to the world. Well, sort of. Over the weekend, the food personality finally revealed details about his all-new internet cooking show, and it sounds an awful lot like the comeback you've been waiting for since the show went off the air five years ago.

During a chat with fans via Facebook Live on Saturday, Brown announced that the new cooking show is "essentially a sequel, follow-up" to his former Food Network show Good Eats, according to a report by Engadget. But best of all, he said the new internet project will be free of corporate influence and control. In other words, it'll likely be similar to Good Eats, but potentially better, too. 

"I want freedom," Brown said, when asked why the show won't air on television. "I want freedom to do what I want, say what I want, and work with the food that I want without being concerned about what a larger corporate entity might or might not want." Making the show on the internet will also allow him to respond to and interact with fans to help guide what the foods, cooking techniques, and subjects her covers. 

In fact, he spent much of the hour-long Facebook Live chat asking fans to suggest ideas for the new series, which resulted in potential topics like poutine, Hawaiian food, and cooking with only a microwave, among other ideas, per the report. In addition to the new internet show, Brown announced that he's also working on a new "late-night variety talk show" on Food Network, according to a report by Eater. As for Cutthroat Kitchen, Brown said he's "had enough" with the show after previously announcing that he's taking a break.  

There's currently no specific premiere date so far far, but Brown said the show will debut sometime in 2017. Until then, keep an eye out for additional Facebook Live chats with the culinary mastermind. 

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