Amazon Asked This Guy to Strip His Bed During a Bizarre Job Interview

Landing a programming job at a top tech company can earn you a glistening salary straight out of college. Of course, interviewing for one of these Silicon Valley jobs is supposed to be challenging, but the experience can apparently get weird, especially when a company asks to, um, see under your bed sheets.

Software engineering student Shivan Kaul Sahib explains how a webcam interview with Amazon felt like something straight out of a George Orwell novel or a Tru TV reality show. In a blog entry written on his personal website, Sahib details taking a programming test, which was monitored by a company “proctor.” The proctor was given remote access to Sahib’s computer, and in an effort to make sure he didn’t cheat, ordered Sahib to perform just about everything short of stripping naked and dancing the Macarena.

The proctor told Sahib to rid his entire room of any paper reading material. “Clean your desk,” the proctor said, like a flummoxed chemistry teacher. When the student explained there was too much damn paper to clear, and suggested taking the test on his bed, the proctor said that was cool, as long as Sahib could prove there was nothing nefarious under his bed sheets. He then showed the faceless proctor his bare mattress. Nothing like transparency! 

Sahib claims he was given a five-minute bathroom break during the two-part test, effectively having to hold his pee while a mysterious voice barked at him from his computer speaker.

He explains having to show the a proctor a “360 degree view” of his room, just to ensure that all the answers weren’t scribbled on the floor in some calculated attempt to foil the system. The student then logged off, because the proctor was obviously a total dick.

It’s previously been revealed that working at Amazon on the corporate level stresses people out so much they cry. Now we know that interviewing at the company can also produce some tears at the hands of these evil proctors, who might want to see where you sleep. 

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