Amazon Driver Leaves Unexpected Delivery After Pooping in Customer's Garden

Amazon has made it so incredibly easy to order things online that if you do it frequently enough you may be unsure what the next package to arrive on your...

Amazon has made it so incredibly easy to order things online that if you do it frequently enough, you may be unsure what the next package to arrive on your doorstep will be. Still, an Amazon customer in the United Kingdom wasn't too pleased to receive a surprise fertilizer delivery after a driver for the retail giant pooped in her garden. 

After reviewing security footage of her property in Wiltshire, England, resident Rebekah Eleanor Read got an eyeful of something she wasn't expecting after spotting an Amazon delivery driver hop over her garden fence, drop his pants, and defecate, then wipe with toilet paper and toss it behind him. The clip (shown above) then catches him hop over the fence and continue on with his day, unfazed. 

Naturally, Read wasn't happy, and posted the video in a Facebook post, which has since been deleted. 

"Yes it sounds funny but it really isn’t… he felt the need to hop over our fence and do a poo in our garden and bag up the tissue and throw in the hedge then hops back over the fence and walks off!!,” the post read, according to the New York Post. "We have evidence of who you are and your vehicle, Amazon you need to sort this out immediately!! Disgraceful behaviour from an employee of yours and for you to just say you’ll sort it… 48 hours later it’s still there!! Everyone check your garden for [poo emoji].”

Of course, we've all experienced the unpleasantness of an "oh my god I have to go now" moment, so you may have sympathy for this guy, particularly in light of the notoriously tough working conditions and grueling hours many Amazon employees and contract workers experience. Still, taking a dump in someone's garden in the middle of the day is objectively not cool. It's unclear whether he made a good faith effort to high-tail it to an actual bathroom, but we have to assume the situation was desperate. 

An Amazon spokesperson did eventually respond to the video, which received over 3,000 shares before it was removed, explaining that the driver in question was an employee of a third-party delivery service.

“We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers,” the spokesperson said, per the report. “We are taking this matter seriously and have reached out to the customer to apologize for the experience and offer our support.”

Let's just say, this is not the Prime Day 2019 surprise anyone was hoping for.

h/tNY Post

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