Bye Bye, Checkout Line: Amazon's New Grocery Store Is Grab & GTFO

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When Amazon started talking about Prime users paying for groceries with a hand scan at checkout, skeptics were concerned about the privacy risks. But it seems the tech giant is leaning away from criminology with the recent opening of a full-size, cashier-less grocery store, wherein customers can grab their organic virgin coconut oil and leave the establishment with a full wallet and reckless abandon. 

Say goodbye to the checkout line and hello to feeling a little bit guilty walking out of a store without a receipt. The 10,000sqft Amazon Go grocery store opened on Tuesday, less than a mile away from Amazon's downtown Seattle headquarters. According to Record, the store has produce, dairy, baked goods, household items and more, along with cameras and sensors to monitor your shopping behaviors.

After you sign into the store with the Amazon Go app, the technology determines what you've bagged and charges your Amazon account accordingly, so that you never have to stress about the efficiency with which you locate your designated cash register at Whole Foods. 

Amazon Go’s vice president Dilip Kumar told Recode that “there’s no plans to put this in a Whole Foods, for now,” but that the company will "see what customers think of it -- [and] go from there.”

It's likely consumers will be into it, Dilip. According to NBC News, every item will be priced individually, meaning we can get  avos and bananas without financial sacrifice. It doesn't get much better than that. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.