Amazon Is Opening Its New Cashier-Less Stores in Even More Cities

You probably heard about the first Amazon Go when it opened to the public in Seattle back in January. Maybe you made a pilgrimage there to witness the dawning of a more convenient age, or maybe you laughed when you heard about people accidentally shoplifting. Either way, it's big news for the future that more Amazon Go stores are opening this year, this time in Chicago and San Francisco.

The exact locations of these stores aren't known, but it's likely one is coming to SF's Union Square, according to a report by The San Francisco Chronicle. As to what exactly makes these stores so exciting and futuristic: All you have to do is scan your phone on the way in, take whatever you want off the shelves -- food, drinks, other sundries -- and then leave. No making change, or eye contact with another human being. The store is canvased with cameras and sensors that keep track of what's leaving the premises, and you're automatically charged for whatever you've taken.   

There are still employees at the store, however, with some preparing fresh food in a kitchen, plus a greeter and someone to check the IDs of those buying alcohol. Job listings are up for store manager positions at bothlocations, and we imagine that role will be a little different than managing a standard convenience store. 

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If you do live in one those cities, be warned that you might spend more money than you usually do. There's no moment of self-reckoning here as you see just how much you're about to spend on Doritos and gum. You won't see the total until you've left the building, which could lead to some reckless late-night snack runs. 

If you're not in one of those cities, just hold tight. Recode reported back in February that Amazon was likely to open six Amazon Go stores this year, and one of those could be in a neighborhood near you.

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