Amazon Is Opening a New Grocery Store That's Totally Separate from Whole Foods

If Amazon were a 12 year-old, they'd be hated by their peers. They'd be so gifted and involved and cherished by their teachers that nobody would come to their birthday party. And now they're trying to overshadow their peers in yet another thing, because they're opening a totally new, non-Whole Foods grocery store in 2020.

When the company decided to give people free grocery delivery with their Prime memberships and suggested using hand scans at checkout, we thought maybe they'd take a step back and let the grocery stores have their thing. But that was not the case. According to CNET, Amazon will be opening a full-size grocery store in Woodland Hills, a neighborhood of Los Angeles.

This is actually not the first we've heard about Amazon grocery stores. The Wall Street Journal talked about it in March. At that point, the LA store was already confirmed, and there were apparently talks happening about locations in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia.

The grocery delivery service Amazon Fresh is currently available in over 2,000 cities across the US in partnership with Whole Foods, but Whole Foods will not be in any sort of partnership with Amazon for this new grocery store. The WSJ reported that "the new stores aren’t intended to compete directly with the more upscale Whole Foods stores and will offer a different variety of products, at a lower price point." 

Might as well get a refund for that bowling birthday bash reservation, sweet, overzealous Amazon. Nobody likes a try-hard. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.