You Can Now Stream HBO and Cinemax on Amazon Prime

Amazon’s presence as a streaming giant, capable of playing ball with Netflix, seems poised to balloon as people everywhere eschew cable for watching TV on the internet. The company announced Thursday the addition of HBO and Cinemax to its already robust package of streaming content, which will cost Amazon Prime members $14.99 per month. Cinemax and its less iconic slate of programming will be available for Prime members for $9.99 a month.

Sofia Chang, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Digital Distribution and Home Entertainment, HBO, said of the deal: “We have a very successful partnership with this great company that continues to evolve. We share the goal of providing Amazon customers more ways to access all of the high-quality HBO and Cinemax programming they’ve been asking for.”

While it seems like unquestionably great news for Prime addicts who enjoy geeking-out over Westworld and Silicon Valley, Amazon’s announcement is kind of a non-event: The e-retail giant already includes HBO Now for the exact same monthly price, so it’s unclear what the added benefit of streaming HBO is, or if the package is entirely redundant. It might be a move to drum up publicity, and entice customers who would otherwise flock to Netflix, or prefer to get their premium cable fix from Roku or Apple TV. 

But, if you’re firmly entrenched in the streaming camp and don’t see a reason not to capitalize on your Prime membership, you can sign up for the deal here, which starts with a month-long trial period, completely free of charge.  

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Sam Blum will cut cords in any way possible to watch Silicon Valley. Follow him @Blumnessmonster.