Amazon Prime Memberships Are $40 Off Right Now for Active Military & Veterans

At this point, my Amazon Prime dependency is incurable. Do actual stores still exist? Someone lemme know, because I get everything -- holiday presents, furniture, groceries, deodorant -- delivered straight to my door in 48 hours or less.

Now, in honor of Veterans Day on November 11, the e-commerce giant is giving the gift that keeps on giving: seriously cheap membership prices for active and former military. Amazon said it's slashing the annual fee from $119 to $79. That's a whopping 30% off for US veterans, active-duty, Reserve, and National Guard members. New and existing Prime users are eligible, Business Insider reports.

And ICYMI, the company raised its regular Amazon Prime membership fee from $99 last year. So this will offset some of that inflation. The membership includes one- and two-day shipping, Prime Music, and Prime Video, which means you can finally watch Fleabag and stop missing all those hot priest references! Praise be!!

Here's how it works: Head over to the Amazon homepage and find the veterans page, scroll down, and click "get started." Once your status is verified, the Prime membership will land directly in your customer cart. It's really that simple. Are you surprised? If you haven't noticed, Amazon is pretty keen on convenience.

There are a few exceptions, because of course. The discounted rate will only apply for one year of membership. Plus, if you've already got a Prime Student or discounted account, you're out of luck. And hey regular folks, if you want to help out, you can support military family small businesses or shop AmazonSmile, too.

h/tBusiness Insider

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