Gordon Ramsay Replaces Alexa’s Voice, Promptly Curses in Amazon’s Super Bowl Ad

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Amazon's new Super Bowl commercial asks the burning question: What if your home assistant was possessed by Gordon Ramsay? Or Cardi B? 

The company is probably aware of the Echo's strange penchant for translating your toddler's gibberish into requests for pornography, but the new promo is decidedly more PG. It shows a slew of celebrities assume the role of Alexa after the robotic house assistant somehow loses her voice. 

It's a high budget affair, fit for an event like the Super Bowl -- Amazon chief and possible X-Men villain Jeff Bezos makes a cameo -- with the likes of Ramsay,Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, and Anthony Hopkins confusing the hell out of some people who aren't expecting them. 

Ramsay does what he does best, berating a 32-year-old man for being a poor cook, while Cardi B laughs at a question about the moon. Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins do sultry and creepy, respectively. 

While it's fun, it might be a disconcerting reminder that your Amazon Echo is a lot more than a tool to help you carry out mundane domestic requests. 

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