Amazon Will Give You 20 Percent off All New Video Games

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Just like lighting hundred dollar bills on fire, gaming -- especially console gaming -- is an expensive way to waste your time. Except, it's also fun as hell and worth every damn penny you can scrape together to get your hands on the latest big titles. But to help you feel like you're burning just a little less money, Amazon is offering a big discount on all the new games you'll purchase in the future -- if you're an Amazon Prime member.

The smiling box company announced that it'll give Prime members 20% off the purchase of new video games, which if you do the math, would be 12 bucks off a $60 game. Not bad, right? However, there are a few catches: the deal only applies to physical copies of games, game and console bundles aren't eligible, and you have to pre-order the games before they come out or buy them within the first two weeks they're available. Oh, and don't forget the requisite Amazon Prime membership, which costs $99 a year. 

The move appears to be a response to Best Buy's "Gamer's Club Unlocked" program, which offers the same 20% and other benefits for $30 every two years, as well as similar deals from video game retailers like GameStop. Of course, a Prime membership comes with several additional perks like free 2-day shipping and access to Amazon's catalogue of digital content. At that point, good luck getting off your couch.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and recently got into console gaming again for the first time in years, so this could be helpful. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.