American Airlines Is Cutting Flights from 4 Major U.S. Cities

Amid an increase in disruptions, American Airlines is preemptively cutting flights for March.

Chicago skyline at night
Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock
Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock

As many airlines cancel and delay flights amid staffing shortages, weather-related problems, and other issues, American Airlines is the latest to drop routes to curb disruptions, cutting flights for March 2022.

While many airlines are dropping routes to and from locations not getting enough travelers, American Airlines plans to cut flights from some of its most popular travel hubs. The Business Journals reported that the airline cut more than 10,000 March flights. Dallas-Forth Worth, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Charlotte are the four cities getting hit the hardest. 

As of January 3, American Airlines had 22,036 flights set to leave from Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport in March. The airline dropped that number to 20,489 by January 10, cutting more than 1,500 flights. Similarly, Chicago will lose 1,70 flights, Philadelphia will lose 833, and Charlotte will lose 806 flights. 

An American Airlines spokesperson, Brian Metham, told The Business Journals the cuts were made to help the airline better allocate its resources. He noted that the airline still has more flights scheduled for March 2022 than any other carrier. 

"Even with these schedules adjustments, American continues to offer the most departures in the month of March among other US carriers," Metham said. 

Routes aren't the only thing American Airlines is cutting. The airline recently announced it will be temporarily cutting more inflight services as well. 

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