American Airlines Invites You to Enjoy Its Excess Booze

Due to the in-flight alcohol ban, the airline is now selling its unused wine.

Courtesy of American Airlines

Have you ever been drinking a little glass of wine, 40,000 feet up in the air, and wished you were able to bring some home with you? Well, you're in luck—there is a new American Airlines program just for you. Flagship Cellars is a curation of the American Airlines wine program, now available for home delivery.

Why is an airline starting a home delivery wine service? It's not just because American Airlines wants to expand its business portfolio. Since the pandemic, the company has struggled with an excess inventory of its in-flight wines, according to CNN. With fewer flights and inflight beverage service reduced, the airline just had too much wine on its hands.

So now, for $99 a month, you can get premium wines curated by American Airlines delivered right to your door. The subscription includes three wines delivered each month. The caveat is that the service isn't guaranteed to last forever, just while supplies last. So once the excess inventory is taken care of, this peculiar wine subscription service will end.

"For wine lovers around the world, wine provides a deeper connection to the places they enjoy visiting," Alison Taylor, chief customer officer at American, said in a press release. "We created Flagship Cellars to provide more ways for customers to enjoy our Flagship wine even if they aren't flying in one of our premium cabins."

To start your subscription or peruse the American Airlines wine collection, head to

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