Woman Yells 'I Think We Landed' After Flight Skids Off Runway

There are two kinds of people on a flight: the kind who clap when the plane lands and the kind who say "I think we landed!" when the airplane skids off the runway during landing due to hazardous tarmac conditions. Amirite?

Well, now there are these people, because this airplane skidding precedent was just set by a woman during some gnarly American Airlines drama on Monday. The woman's plane was traveling from North Carolina to Chicago's O’Hare International Airport when it slid off the snowy runway during landing, according to CBS Chicago

The accident occurred due to icy runway conditions, per the report. Passengers could feel the plane zig-zagging, then the plane's landing gear snapped, causing the jet to tip on its wing. The aircraft ended up in the grassy area next to the runway. A passenger told CBS that this was their second attempt at landing.

After the incident, a spokesperson for the airline told CBS that "all 38 passengers and three crew members were deplaned from the aircraft and are now safely back in the terminal." There were reported injuries.

It was a fairly mellow skidding, as you can see by the video, but their fate was unknown throughout the experience and so inspired some exclamations of concern from passengers... Except for the woman, who waited until the end of the experience to drop the iconic line, "I think we landed!"

The unnamed woman is our light at the end of a dread tunnel. As Robin Williams once said, "comedy is acting out optimism," and optimism is certainly something you need when you come face to face with exactly what many terrified flyers fear the most -- a botched landing.

Now let's get pessimistic: American Airlines has been a little clumsy lately. In May, a flight attendant spilled a tray of drinks on the company CEO and, in October, they were forced to re-route a flight after a chemical smell knocked a crew member unconscious. 

S'all good, though. As the woman said, it does look like they landed. May we channel her energy and have lower travel expectations going forward. At least it's getting cheaper

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.