American Kids Try Tea For the First Time and Are Confused as Hell Why Anyone Likes It

It's not quite the caffeine surge these kids got when they tried coffees from around the world, but Cut Video is loading up their "American Kids" with caffeine again. This time they're taste testing teas from around the world and the kids are pretty unified on how they feel about tea.

This one seems set up to fail on premise. Lots of adults have these exact same reactions to tea. The kids respond to the taste test with all kinds of pained looks and imitations of Mr. Yuk. Though, a couple of times they were tricked into thinking they might enjoy one of them. 

One kid, in particular, thought chai tea was going to be his game. He loved the cinnamon sweet smell. "Oh my god I'm excited to try it," he says before taking a disappointing sip. Then the grimace arrives. "It's not good, though."

They cycle through a few different kinds, with yerba mate, mint tea, and chai all getting the full thumbs down from the kid panel. The only one that got some different looks was bubble tea, though the kids were most interested in the ballistic possibilities of tapioca balls.

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