American Kids Taste Test Christmas Foods and Have Hilarious Reactions

It's awfully entertaining to watch kids taste test foods that are strange to them. Their unpredictable reactions are endlessly entertaining and are often the kind of response most adults really want to have to foods they're trying for the first time. 

Cut Video's series is now taking on the holidays by dropping Christmas foods from New Zealand, the Dominican Republic, and Japan in front of their panel of American kids. Unlike recent installments featuring Filipino foods and coffee, one of the courses is right on the nose with the kids' tastes. There's unanimous approval for a platter that is unsurprisingly familiar to the kids. 

The shrimp from New Zealand goes over about as well as can be expected. One kid makes a hilarious show of saying he's going to peel the shrimp himself. He gives up about three seconds later.

It's the same taste tester who has the appropriate response to a pile of fried chicken and cake being set in front of him: "This is happening! This is happening!" That's the exact reaction all adults have when the waiter finally arrives with the food.

Watch a weird Christmas buffet get consumed by kids in the video above.

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