American Kids Try Coffees From Around the World

Published On 11/21/2016 Published On 11/21/2016

Viewers have had strong reactions to watching a bunch of cute American kids taste test foods from around the world in Cut Video's series that has featured, among other cuisines, American kids eating Chinese food, French food, and candy from around the world. The filmmakers are hilarious monsters for making kids try jellyfish and other delicious foods they're sure to hate while viewers sit salivating at a perfectly delicious-looking Peking duck that's going who knows where. 

This time, the kids are trying out different coffees from around the world. It's yet another video that might get some people wound a little tight since kids in America don't tend to be given coffee until they're a little older. That probably wouldn't bother the kids in this video any. They universally hate all the coffee varieties set in front of them, with the exception of the sugary top of their eiskaffee.

Watch the taste test in the video above and learn a little something about yourself. In the end, we are all these very confused, possibly over-caffeinated kids. Yes, matcha cappuccino is for witches and that "Can you explain this" feeling one boy has on seeing an eiskaffee is how most adults move through the world daily. The best art reflects life, or something. 

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