American Kids Have Hilarious Reactions to Trying Filipino Food

Cut Video's "American Kids Try" video series is equally hilarious and diabolical. The latter is for two reasons: 1. Share your delicious foodstuffs, please. 2. As you see in the video above, the best parts of these videos are almost universally when the kids are duped into taking a bite of something they wouldn't have eaten if they were told what it was beforehand. (They should have read this primer to what Filipino food you should be ordering.)

In the ninth installment of the series, American kids give Filipino food a try, including a couple of kids whose parents are Filipino. They're way on top of this and down to try just about anything. The meal includes dinuguan, a savory dish made of pork offal (and liver, here) simmered in pig blood, vinegar, and other spices. The kids have the most extreme reaction there, discovering they just ate pig's blood.

The best response might be one boy guessing that the cuisine is Korean. When told he's close, his second guess is Indiana. Kids know so much and so little. 

As ever, the episode is entertaining. Watch it above. If you need to get a fix of more of these, watch kids try foods and respond with "jellyfish don't even have hearts or brains and that's what makes them crazy," "this is for witches" and other completely unfiltered responses.

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