American Kids Try French Food and Have Hilarious Reactions

In a charming new video from their "American Kids Try" video series, Cut Video sits down American kids to try French food. The best part of this series is the results are often predictable but remind you that kids have the ability to surprise your expectations. There are always a couple willing to go into the unknown.

The kids are served up a variety of meals including duck liver paté and frog legs, with most kids giving hilariously shocked looks once they're told what they're eating. The most surprising of the taste tests might be right at the beginning. The kids are instructed to pour hot chocolate over cereal. You might expect kids to think breakfast just got amazing with a load of sugar added to something familiar, but most groan in disgust.

While many adults will find their mouths watering and feel a little bitter that there are delicious-looking meals going to waste, full marks to the girl who totally digs into the mussels and then asks her brother if she can eat his too. You're the hero of this video.

Watch the full video above and head over here to watch past installments of the series on the Cut Video YouTube channel. 

h/t Mashable

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