American Kids Have Hilarious Reactions to Tasting Indonesian Food

That bittersweet feeling the "American Kids Try" series produces is back like Archie comics (for some reason). The kids are hilarious and honest, but there's also a certain bitter jealousy that accompanies every video as they spit out delicious meals and you think about the Ramen packet you're about to boil.

In the latest installment of the Cut Video series, the kids are trying out Indonesian foods like gado-gado, the fried rice dish nasi goreng, and the coconut sweet dadar guleng. Unlike Filipino food, French food, and Chinese food, the American kids find something to like here. 

Though the cuisine is not met with universal approval. "I thought I told you no squishy stuff," implores one kid after being served gado-gado. "Tempeh!? It's the tempeh again? Oh my god."

He eventually gives the dish "zero stars."

The dadar guleng is greeted with confused looks. "These are like moon creatures," says one boy. However, once they take a bite, the approval rating skyrocket. One kid even kindly asks if he can keep his leftovers.

Unfortunately for his adoring fans, Maddox isn't a part of this one. However, he did just get his own video where he responded to fan mail (or comments on the videos).

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