Kids Try Mexican Food for the First Time With Hilarious Results

Of all the reactions viewers have to the "American Kids" videos, including thinking they're cute or funny, the most prevalent reaction might be a desire to have the kids share their food. (Will they like it? As Mitch Hedberg said, "Aw, come on, man. Let me just have some.") Get ready for that reaction to be turned up to 11, because the kids are giving Mexican food a try. 

The reactions are more positive than usual, but you kind of expect them to stop being kids and high five everyone in the room when tamales are placed on the table. That's not how things go. Reactions are mixed. It's maybe best summed up by a kid at the start of the video. "Wow, I never knew it was this... OK," he says with a severe lack of enthusiasm.

While a universal love of molletes isn't found here, one kid does somehow believe molletes are dinosaurs. Or maybe they have something to do with dinosaurs. It's not clear. Dinosaurs are involved.

You also get a little philosophy from Maddox, who notes, "Grandma's are wise old elephants. They never lie." This raises so many questions for his next fan mailbag. Why elephants? Does your grandma really never lie? Are there some hard truths coming?

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