American Kids Have Hilarious Reactions to Trying Southern Food

As anyone with kids can tell you, they'll find a way to be picky when faced with just about any kind of food you set in front of them. That's why watching kids try things can be immensely amusing and why there's an element of surprise when kids discover they like something unexpected, like the kids in this video who try crab for the first time. 

In the new video from HiHo, formerly a part of Cut Video, American kids who presumably aren't regularly eating southern food are giving southern food a try. (Even if there's a fairly common blurring of the line between southern food and soul food.)

It's an enviable buffet, running from shrimp and grits to gumbo, king cake to chicken and waffles. The spread is met with almost universal enthusiasm. That includes a rapturous "Yay!" when the chicken and waffles hit the table.

A similarly joyous shout of "Sprinkles!" comes when the king cake is served. (In case you're wondering, that's the proper response to have when presented with king cake.) Even better, each kid winds up with the baby traditionally hid in the cake. Though, one child curiously thinks having a toy baby hidden in his food too weird to handle. When you think about it, he's kind of right.

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. Sprinkles! Follow him @dlukenelson.