Americans Think Sex Is Better in Hotels, But the Germans Disagree

Hotel Tonight

New scenery is really important. Just ask anyone who's seen The Hangover Part II (spoiler alert: it sucked), or nearly half of Americans, who can't get enough hotel sex.

According to a recent survey conducted by Hotel Tonight, almost half of Americans believe sex is better in hotels, citing new and exciting surroundings, the lack of people around, and the ability to relax more as reasons for the better sexy time. Forty-nine percent of Americans said their partner performed better in a hotel, and 46% thought they themselves performed better in a hotel. The global survey questioned 2,200 people from 11 different countries about their hotel sexcapades, and found the US loves hotel banging only less than Mexico, where 63% think their partners are kicking things up a notch in the hotel room

Many Americans and Mexicans also reported that intimacy lasts longer in hotels, which kind of goes hand in hand with the sex being better. Well, least for most people. Fifty-seven percent of Americans said that intimacy can last an average of 29 minutes longer. On the other hand, 72% of Mexicans reported an average 49 minute increase in intimacy. 49 minutes?!?  These people must be late for checkout.

While Americans and Mexicans have a thing for doing it in temporary lodging, not everyone in the world feels the same way. Only 14% of Germans and 18% of Swedes thought their performance was any better in a hotel. Maybe they just have terrible sex always. Or great sex always. Meanwhile, when asked to score hotel sex on a 1 - 10 scale, the French came back with the lowest score. French lovers gave hotel sex a 7, and while that might seem like a decent score, the US dealt out an 8.2, which was still shy of Mexico's 8.7. But then again, these are French lovers, so they're probably pretty hard to please. 

Take a look at the full graphic to see all the results, and try not to think about those sheets.

Hotel Tonight

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