What Are Most Americans Willing to Spend on a Hotel?

Most people would rather have a memorable experience than lavish accommodations.

You already know that traveling is an increasingly expensive luxury of life. Whether you're taking on debt or skimping on groceries, taking a trip requires a degree of financial sacrifice for most of us. And whether that's fiscally sound decision making or not, getting out and seeing the world before it melts feels imperative. So it's not too surprising that when Americans are traveling, most of them don't want to spend the majority of their vacation budget on a hotel.

According to new data from Choice Hotels, 78% of Americans want to spend less than $200 per night on a hotel. Rather than splurging on top-tier accommodations, 73% of Americans prefer to spend their money on experiences and keep their accommodation costs as low as possible. The experiences people are prioritizing vary widely, but in a summer of epic tours (Beyoncé, Drake, Taylor Swift, Paramore, etc) it is not too surprising that 26% of Americans are planning trips around concerts, sporting events, and theater.

The study reporting this data surveyed 2,055 Americans aged 18 and older between June 16-21, 2023—so it pretty accurately reflects how the average American is feeling during this chaotic and expensive summer travel season.

Even with cost efficiency at the top of mind, that doesn't mean American travelers are willing to sacrifice all creature comforts in order to save money. Forty-five percent of survey respondents say that they want to stay at a property with a pool, 35% want to enjoy a hotel spa, and 38% prioritize staying near hiking locations.

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