Almost 85% of Americans Plan on Traveling This Summer

People are getting out there via plane, train, and automobile.

Despite "the economy" and the IRS trying its absolute very best to ruin summer vacations for the working class, we are persisting. According to a new study from travel site The Vacationer, roughly 85% of Americans plan on taking at least one trip this summer.

The 2023 Summer Travel Survey asked Americans all about their travel plans for this summer. Are you planning on taking a trip? If so, will it be in the United States or will it be abroad? Are you going to brave the airports or the highways? The survey found that just under 41% plan on traveling one time this summer, and 44% plan on traveling more than once. Only 15.24% of respondents did not plan on traveling even once.

Adults between the ages of 30 and 40 are the demographic group that plan on traveling most. In that age group, 90% of respondents said they planned to travel. Based on The Vacationer's findings, that is a 5% increase compared to summer 2022.

Most people plan on traveling within the US, with nearly 62% of respondents sharing that they only planned to travel domestically. A very small percentage, 6.39%, plan to travel only internationally. About 16.5% of respondents plan to travel internationally and domestically. Overall, it is a 12% increase for Americans who plan to travel internationally compared to summer 2022.

So no matter where or how you plan to travel this summer, factor in that you will likely face busier roads, airports, and destinations. To save money, book your travel soon and also make sure your passport is up to date because processing times are getting pretty lengthy right now.

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