Americans Are Cutting Back on Groceries, Eating Out to Avoid Skipping Vacations

New Expedia data shows American travelers are reducing their food spending to afford a getaway.

Expedia's latest Vacation Deprivation Report just dropped and the new data reveals that everyone is still feeling overworked, with 63% US workers responding that they feel vacation-deprived. The figure is a four percent increase compared to 2022.

The causes of this vacation deprivation are multifaceted, but inflation is still a big factor according to the report, which surveyed over 14,500 people across the world between February and March 2023. Even with costs going up and wages staying stagnant, 92% of Americans report that vacations are essential to their general health and well-being.

To be able to afford these vacations, people are making some real cuts to other parts of their spending. Expedia’s report found that 40% of respondents report cutting back on groceries, and another 40% report cutting back on dining out. About 20% of respondents expect to postpone trips due to costs. In total, 69% of respondents expect inflation to impact them over the next year.

The study, which can be read here, is pretty depressing on the whole. “Nearly half (45%) of Americans left vacation days on the table in 2022, while many used their vacation days for reasons other than a vacation: three-in-five (62%) used at least one day for personal appointments, while another 62% used an average of almost two vacation days in lieu of sick days,” the Expedia report stated.

Even with all of this information and the many obstacles that come with being a worker in the United States, most people are still planning on traveling in 2023. This makes sense, considering how overworked and exhausted the workforce is. Expedia data shows that there has been a 25% increase in searches for summer getaways this year alone.

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