It Just Got Easier for Americans to Travel to the UK

If you're vaccinated, that is.

Traveling to other countries is becoming a bit hectic. Because of COVID-19, each country has its own set of rules, and new ones are constantly popping up for American travelers as infection rates climb throughout the country. Just today, the UK announced that after October 4, pre-departure COVID testing would no longer be needed for Americans who are fully vaccinated.

In May of 2021, the UK Implemented its traffic light system, which determined eligibility for entry. If you lived in a country on the green list to travel to the UK, you needed a Pre-departure COVID-19 test and a Post-arrival COVID-19 test. If your country was on the yellow list, you needed departure and arrival tests along with a 10-day quarantine. If your country was in a red zone, you couldn't even think about getting in unless you were essential. Starting on October 4, however, the UK will only have a red list for countries they are marking as "do not travel."

Vaccinated Americans will no longer need pre-departure testing to enter the country. This new standard will be upheld for any traveler looking to visit the UK who is not on the red list. The red list includes destinations in Africa, South America, and Asia. Today's news is a bit of a bright spot for the UK and US tourism industries, which have taken a big hit since the pandemic's beginning.

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