The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Every State, In Map Form

Published On 10/30/2015 Published On 10/30/2015
Drew Swantak

Candy is very much like episodes of the seminal 90's Nickelodeon classic Are You Afraid of The Dark?: even when it's bad, it's still pretty damn good. Except for this episode...and candy corn -- because both those things suck.

The United States loves candy (see: obese children, diabetes), and surprisingly, our sweet tooth varies a significant amount from state to state, as evidenced by this expertly illustrated map created by the great minds at Influenster.


Okay -- there's a lot to digest here (ha. ha. ha.), like the fact that for some reason a whopping five states love candy corn the most, including Texas (this whole JFK thing is making a lot more sense now). 

New Jersey, my home state, likes to lap up Sour Patch Kids -- which totally makes sense if you've ever met a girl from New Jersey. And Florida, "America's Phallus," is apparently all about Crunch bars. Has anyone ever bought a Crunch bar? I've always assumed they're just included by the dealer under the backseat of minivans upon initial sale.

Here are some other notable states and their candies of choice:

New Mexico: Toblerone (fancy!)

California: Lifesavers (coastal!)

Vermont: Almond Joy (ew!)

New York: Sweet-Tarts (disagree!)

West Virginia: Oreos (isn't fucking candy! get it together, West Virginia)

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