Woman Gets Stuck in Elevator, Amtrak Checks on Her... Seven Months Later

amtrak elevator
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Everyone is very excited about the impending arrival of Amtrak's new high-speed trains. However, sometime before the launch of those trains, Amtrak is going to need to speed up their customer service. A woman tweeted out that she was stuck in an Amtrak elevator on Feb. 14 and Amtrak responded on Twitter to see if they could help, only it took them seven months to respond. 

The imperiled elevator rider wound up being CNN contributor and former Senate staffer Amanda Carpenter, who has been tweeting regularly since February, which indicates she found her way out of the elevator.

It's pretty hilarious, but Amtrak actually handled the situation ok. She hadn't tagged them and, according to Amtrak, the tweet was retweeted into their timeline Wednesday and a customer service representative responded without checking the dateline. To boot, Amtrak did see the original tweet in February just 16 minutes after she tweeted (again, without tagging them). That's not bad.

It's basically the opposite of the wonderful social media customer service from Skyscanner last week when a customer reported that he'd been set up for a 47-year layover in Bangkok. But Amtrak tried to make things right nonetheless by offering Carpenter a free ride for her troubles.

The lesson to be learned here? If you're stuck in an elevator, be sure to use your phone for a phone call and not just a tweet.

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