Amtrak's 3-Day Sale Has One-Way Tickets for $15

Amtrak Flash Sale January 2020

January 28 is National Plan For Vacation Day. It's not exactly the kind of holiday you'll get a day off work to observe. It's actually about remembering to get out of work later and use all that vacation time you've earned. 

No matter how exciting or dull you find the faux-holiday, Amtrak is running an alluring flash sale that will have you contemplating a train trek. For three days -- January 28-30 -- Amtrak is offering 30% off one-way tickets for travel from February 16 to May 31. The discount applies to tickets on select lines, including the Northeast Regional, Acela, Downeaster, Carolinian, Piedmont, Keystone, Pennsylvanian, Vermonter, Maple Leaf, Empire Service, Adirondack, and Ethan Allen.

All tickets in the sale are for coach or Acela Business Class, with no upgrades allowed. 

Additionally, there are other ongoing discounts available to ensure that you're getting the cheapest trek possible. (Or to get a little something for yourself if you don't live on one of the routes in the sale.) You can get 25% off travel booked 14 to 21 days in advance with Saver Fares. You can use the Share Fare promotion, which increases your discount the more tickets you buy. That can get up to 45% off six tickets on the same trip. Then there are also Kids Fares, where one kid can get a 50% discount with each non-discounted fare-paying adult.

Here's a taste of some of the low fares available in the Plan For Vacation Day sale. (These are far from the only cheap treks available, though.)

  • Boston to Durham: $15
  • Richmond to Washington, DC: $19
  • New York to Philadelphia: $29
  • Philadelphia to Washington, DC: $29
  • New York to Albany: $31
  • New York to Boston: $39
  • New York to Washington, DC: $39

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.