Amtrak Is Getting a $66B Boost That Could Bring More Trains to Cities Near You

It's a part of a new $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

On November 15, 2021, President Biden will sign a $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law that will give the country's transportation system a much-needed boost. A whopping $66 billion of the new bill will go toward passenger railway systems like Amtrak.

This large amount of money will be the biggest federal investment Amtrak has seen since its inception 50 years ago. In a statement sent to AFAR, Amtrak said that the company plans to "bring passenger rail to more people across the nation." According to Afar, the passenger rail company will "invest more in the Northeast Corridor, a network that includes lines in New England, Connecticut–Westchester, New York City, the Mid-Atlantic North, and Mid-Atlantic South."

Amtrak also plans to deliver more frequent service, reduce travel times, and add connections to newer markets by funding an ambitious 15-year project called Northeast Corridor. As for the rest of the country, Amtrak CEO Billy Flynn said in a statement that he believes this bill will only help Amtrak expand across the nation.

"Passenger rail offers the transportation solutions this country needs, and Amtrak is ready to make it happen. This bill will allow Amtrak to advance significant infrastructure and major station projects, purchase new passenger rail equipment, and develop new rail corridors, bringing passenger rail to more people across the nation."

Who knows? Maybe a faster, even cheaper cross-country Amtrak trip will be in your future.

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